Do you feel like your hormones rule your world?

September 7, 2019 Carolyn


Here are 5 simple & natural ways you can help to support your hormonal balance…

  1. Keep your Bowels Moving by staying hydrated & making sure your diet is full of fibre. Eating plenty of veggies, adding LSA (ground linseeds, sunflowers & almonds) to your berries & yogurt, psyllium to your oats or even taking a natural fibre supplement if you need. Fibre helps to support blood sugar balance & liver function. It helps the body eliminate toxins and unwanted hormones (like excess oestrogens). Try to drink at least 6 glasses of filtered water a day to keep your bowels moving. It’s great to aim for 1-2 complete bowel motions a day – try some of these ideas if you are feeling sluggish.
  2. Nourish the body with caffeine free Herbal Teas – Look out for combinations that might include – calendula, ginger, dandelion, st mary’s thistle, licorice, chamomile, turmeric, cinnamon & nettle (to name a few). These nutritious herbs can help digestion, liver health, the nervous system and sleep. They can also assist with blood sugar balance, reducing mood swings & irritability, inflammation and period pain. Brew them strong, drink them regularly and feel your body love you for it.
  3. Eating healthy fats. We have many types of hormones but our sex hormones oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone are all made from cholesterol. Therefore it’s important that we consume a variety of healthy fats (including saturated) to support their production – Throughout the week enjoy a variety of oily fish (such as sardines, anchovies & wild caught salmon), coconut oil, organic Ghee, extra virgin olive oil, pasture fed eggs, avocado, fresh almonds, walnuts, Brazil’s, hemp, pumpkin and flax seeds.
  4. Reduce the plastic –I think people often miss the importance of this point but plastics unfortunately do leach harmful chemicals into our food and beverages which then act as hormone disruptors in our bodies. Thus can wreak havoc with our normal and natural hormone balance and if planning a pregnancy can also negatively impact fertility. It may seem like an impossible task to get rid of plastic but we can certainly reduce our exposure by making some small changes. For example, using glass jars and containers to store food, avoiding cling wrap directly touching your food, using a glass water bottle, avoiding heating and freezing food in plastic and replacing plastic cooking utensils. Plus it’s a good idea to look for BPA free when buying canned food.
  5. Support those healthy Zzzs. Good sleep not only reduces our stress hormone cortisol – helping with stress and weight loss it also helps to balance our sex hormones including oestrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH. When these guys are balanced ovulation is more likely to occur and we can experience a smoother menstrual cycle. Support your sleep with intentional wind down time in the evening, having a dark bedroom, reducing screen time, avoiding caffeine after 2pm and choosing a realistic and regular bedtime can all be useful. There are also many natural sleep aids such as herbs, magnesium and melatonin if you are needing some extra support.

All these little things can add up and have a positive impact on your hormonal health. Incorporate these ideas slowly at a pace that’s doable for you and before you know it, time has gone by and you’ve made some great changes.

Love and Healing

Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs.

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