Shoulder Pain and Lower back Issues

I use to have one leg shorter than the other and wore a heal lift in my shoe, along with niggly intermittent lower back pain and a dodgy shoulder which flares up from time to time. My first session with Carolyn for Bowen Therapy was very relaxing and gentle. I remember thinking ‘if nothing else this is as good as a relaxation massage with my clothes on!’ Over the next 24hrs my body found a new muscular balance, and I stopped wearing the heal lift in my shoe (as it was very uncomfortable). With further sessions my body has settled into a stable, balanced, and self-supported posture. I now have a new awareness of what aggravates my dodgy shoulder, which I have found Bowen Therapy is excellent in sorting out over a couple of visits. I have also found Bowen Therapy helpful in decreasing my PMS symptoms.

Using Naturopathy Carolyn has assisted me to improve my health and wellbeing while creating good gut health, and addressing health challenges as they arise. I have appreciated Carolyn’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge around health and how the body responds on different levels. Carolyn has always ensured that I am comfortable with her suggested course of action, and made adjustments to meet my individual needs.

Amelia Anderson, Disability Support Worker

Chronic Migraines

I began treatment with Carolyn to initially treat a type of chronic Migraine. After continuing to see her I began to notice my mind and body functioning differently and generally feeling more balanced. I would often come with lots of suggestions and ideas I had read about my condition, and Carolyn would listen openly and without judgement. I found this extremely comforting at a difficult time.

Carolyn’s approach to treating the “whole person” and not just the symptoms is just fantastic. Carolyn’s beautiful Bowen therapy is now also a regular part of my life. After trying so many different types of physical treatment for sore tight muscles I really couldn’t believe how much Bowen has helped to improve the way my body feels overall. Thank you Carolyn for really helping me discover how good I can feel!

Olivia Cole, Retail Buyer, East Hawthorn
Olivia Cole, Retail Buyer, East Hawthorn

Old Neck, Shoulder & Back Injuries

When I was about 16 (57 years ago!) I had a bad accident which damaged my neck somewhat. Since then I have had intermittent problems with it and my back, until a year or so ago when these difficulties became quite severe. I couldn’t sleep at night and had bad pains in my neck, shoulders and back. I frequently woke with a headache of varying intensities. I couldn’t drive as safely as I would have wished, having to stop and turn my whole body left or right to see my way clear to proceed.

My GP prescribed pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets – which I was loathe to use except in particularly bad times. I saw a chiropractor once a week, a physiotherapist and took up hydrotherapy, all with some temporary relief.

Then I was recommended Bowen therapy, found you, and my life changed. My first visit resulted in a remarkable (magical?) cure. Driving is safe, I can sleep properly at night and only suffer minimal soreness, on a few occasions, in my neck, which I am sure you will be able to get rid of.

I cannot thank you enough.

Peter Turpin, Hawthorn

Energy & vitality

I love my Bowen sessions with Carolyn and completely endorse her as a healer. I feel the sessions smooth out internal wrinkles that are deeply buried. I leave feeling smooth and ready to be active in the world.

Over time my joy and gains from the sessions have increased, not decreased as with other bodywork modalities. I recommend all my yoga students see Carolyn anytime they feel like the need a massage. Carolyn’s treatment seems to go far beyond ordinary bodywork healing.

Peter Cohen, Yoga teacher, Hawthorn
Peter Cohen, Yoga teacher, Hawthorn


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