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April 22, 2015 Carolyn


I am a herbalist. I love herbs and their medicine. They are such an awesome gift to us that can provide such amazing healing potential. Herbs are powerful, they must be respected and understood.

Herbs can raise our vibration with their own vibration. Think about the energy of a plant, how it can make you feel when you see different plants. How strong and proud they are. A plant never questions it’s purpose, it does all that it can to grow and be it’s fullest potential.

Using herbs as medicine can strengthen and support different aspects our physical body. They are usually always multi-tasking, for example, some herbs which have a relaxing effect on the nerves can also be taken to support digestion like Chamomile, Melissa and Vervain.

Some herbs are loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and are natural “multivitamins” which our bodies easily recognise to absorb and assimilate making us feel great – raising our vitality.

They often work best in their whole form or at least a part of their whole form like the whole root, the flowers or the berries. Nature is so clever and perfect in this way. It is in fact all the constituents working together in synergy which can make them so medicinal.

Creating healing herbal tonics and tea mixes is something that is unique to naturopaths and herbalists. Herbs can be chosen and put together for someone’s specific health needs. I love making herbal tonics, it allows me to get my witch on, to be an artist and create healing intention for my client.

A healing tonic may be great for you if you are feeling exhausted and run down, if you are having digestive problems such as bloating, sluggishness and wind, if you are not experiencing quality sleep, if your immune system is struggling, if you’re grumpy and premenstrual, if you have skin problems such as pimples, eczema or itchiness. Or you may just want a tonic to keep you feeling well and healthy so your body can function at its optimal best. 🙂

Contact me if you are intrigued about herbs as medicine, to chat about whether a herbal tonic may be appropriate for you at this time or perhaps if you already know how amazing herbs are and would like to have them again.

Love & Healing
Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs. 

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