Hayfever/ Allergies

Is your itchy nose driving you crazy?

Can’t stop rubbing your eyes?

Does the cat and the dusting make you sneeze?

Are you reacting to something and you can’t work out what it is?

Hay fever symptoms are a sign that the immune system is over reacting to something. Whether it be pollen, dust, grasses or the family cat, this reaction leads to the body producing antibodies in response to these “foreign” particles. The body sees them as “allergens” and wants to do all it can to eliminate them.

When you are allergy prone you might also get an itchy throat, have excess mucous & congestion, cough, have disturbed sleep and generally feel a bit flat.

Naturopathy explores why allergies are occuringin the first place considering all the factors which can throw the immune system out of balance leading to the symptoms of hayfever.

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