Always getting coughs and colds?

Sick of being sick?
Getting cold after cold?
Never feeling 100% well?
Are your kids bringing every bug home from school to share with the whole family?

You probably feel a bit annoyed when it seems like you are just getting over one cold to then come down with another. Are you also feeling exhausted and as though you just can’t seem to get enough rest even after a lot of sleep. You could be having a lot of sick days and the truth is you really want to go to work!

There are many different factors that can make us more vulnerable to recurring respiratory infections. Naturopathy can offer a lot of great ideas to get your immunity up to scratch again. Cold after cold is the bodys way of asking for help – Naturopathy is about listening to your body and working out why you are getting sick in the first place. Addressing the cause of the problem can help resolve the related symptoms.

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