Where are you going this winter?

May 20, 2015 Carolyn


Winter is coming! Eeek. It was here last week in full force with rain and hail and days that didn’t reach over 10 Degrees. People are booking holidays left, right and centre. Fleeing to tropical waters, to places where coconut shakes and fresh pineapple are the norm for breakky and where one can throw on one or two pieces of clothing and you are ready to go. As much as I like to embrace the variety of weather Melbourne has to offer, I am certainly dreaming about a little escapade too!

In the last week I’ve had a couple of friends ask me about what to take on their holiday adventures to stay well. They have been off to the travel doctor and want to compliment that with natural remedies. There are a couple of gems I would like to share with you.

As far as Bali belly goes, there are some amazing anti-parasitic herbs which may really take the punch off some cases of gastro and may even prevent it from occurring in the first place. These herbs have rescued me many times in many countries. My sister took them everyday on African Safari, over ten years ago, in which every one of the 20 people on her tour got sick with diarrhoea after sharing a communal meal, except her. Sounds far fetched I know, but true story. These herbs are also suitable for kids over the age of two.

Immune wise, we are pretty vulnerable when we travel with the excitement and anticipation of the lead up to a trip and then being encapsulated on a plane for up to 20 hours. Taking immune supporting herbs and good old vitamin C can really save your holiday. Of course taking these things prior, as a preventative, is the best and most effective way to do it. Remember herbal remedies are available in tablet and capsule form too, so you don’t need to worry about measuring cups or having extra liquids in your hand luggage.

There are many great natural remedies to help with other things which may pop up on holidays like:

  • Neem oil insect repellent to keep mozzies at bay
  • Tissue salts for blocked sinuses whilst flying
  • Australian bush flower essences for jet lag & resetting your body clock
  • Herbs to knock yourself out during a flight
  • Digestive remedies for sluggish bowels due to eating too many rich and delicious unfamiliar foods

Sometimes using one or two of these natural measures can make a holiday a lot more fun! Tummy aches and viruses can really take the edge off having a good time.

So if you’re going away and you’d like some tips regarding these things contact me so I can help you with your natural remedy packing. Always take into consideration your own personal health requirements and discuss with your health care practitioner before following general suggestions.

Happy holidays! Love and healing

Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs. 



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