About Me

I believe that enjoying and appreciating our best health mentally, emotionally and physically is accessible for all those who desire it.

I  believe ongoing health is an ongoing process as our bodies will always strive to heal and maintain balance with the right support and love.

When people are empowered, educated and body aware they become optimistic and motivated around their health and health choices and then they can have the ability to live a rich, fun and fulfilling life while inspiring others to do the same.

Can you please not time how long this took you as I need to bill client per hour.

I graduated as a naturopath in 1998 and have been practicing for over ten years. I was inspired initially by my very health conscious Mother growing up and then my Dad who turned his life around after being diagnosed with bowel cancer when I was 11. Suddenly our “healthy household” went to another level as my family became very familiar with a Dad who meditated 4 times a day, gave up the wine and cheese to eat huge amounts of colourful vegetables and gave our fancy juicer a run for its money. I saw the huge benefits these lifestyle changes made to my Dads health and accepted it as a normal part of life.

Like all of us, I have had my own health journey, blessed with the genetics of a sensitive digestion and nervous system, allergies and hormonal imbalances leading me to deeply understand and know how and what my body needs to be well.

Life continues to unfold and I realize there is no a destination with health – our beautiful bodies need continual support and nourishment along the way.

The best thing about this journey is that the choices we make in every moment regarding our health may initiate healing and wellness or stimulate sickness and disease. It really is that simple.

My aim is to enable people to understand that living an awesome healthy life doesn’t have to be or feel boring, restrictive or expensive. It’s about finding the bliss and wellbeing in making conscious choices regarding health and watching your body respond to that in a positive way.

I work out of my clinic in Thornbury ViC, looking mostly after residents of  Thornbury,  Preston, Preston West, Reservoir, Coburg and Northcote…


Please be in touch if you have any queries regarding my services and remedies.



  • Carolyn Hall, P.O. Box 431, Preston VIC 3072