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You may experience:

  • More energy & vitality throughout your day
  • Sleeping deeper and waking feeling refreshed & energised
  • Having smoother & more regular digestion & stronger immunity.



Headaches/ Migraines
Sleeping problems?
Funny Tummy?
Always getting coughs and colds?
Hayfever/ Allergies
Periods not much fun?
Muscle and Joint pain
Exhaustion & Adrenal Fatigue





Naturopathy, simply explained, is holistic self care listening and responding to your body’s needs, taking into account how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.

The typical western way of living of rushing and convenience unfortunately often leads to having little room for the things that encourage a healthy mind and body. This way of living can leave us feeling depleted and looking for quick fixes to make us feel better. These choices are often not helpful in the long run, leaving us feeling mediocre. And for some reason many of us just accept and think that this is just the way it is. But often you can feel better… much better..

This may take a bit of time and energy as we may need to gently tweak the way we have been doing things. But the honest truth is, without health, other aspects of our life usually suffer too.

Tuning into the reason you want to feel better is a great way to make this process of gentle change easier. This is called your WHY. Why do you want to sleep better? Why do you want easier periods? Why do you want to improve your digestion? Why do you want to have more energy?

The awesome thing is once we start to feel and see improvements in our health more motivation kicks in and we want to keep going.

Often life opens up in different ways when we listen and act on our health needs, a bonus many people don’t even realise until it happens. I love supporting people on their journey to better health.

When coming to see me as a naturopath, I ask you to share what you want to work on, what health issues you’re experiencing and what your goals are for your well-being. I will ask questions about your health history to get an idea of what aspects are contributing to you not feeling your best.

I believe in baby steps and always work to meet my clients where they are at and what they’re ready for. Any step in the right direction is positive in moving towards the healthier you.

I am a practical naturopath who loves sharing info and everyday tips on how to enjoy better health. I suggest natural remedies such as herbal medicines, flower essences and nutritional supplements. I love supporting people to make little changes with their diet which can have a dramatic and often very fast results.

If you would like to give naturopathy a try please contact me with any questions on 0414900289 or or you can book an initial session with the booking link here.




I discovered the amazing healing power of Bowen therapy back in 2002. I loved the way this technique balanced my physical body, releasing aches and pains, while also allowing me to feel very calm and centered.

At this point I was also learning how we hold emotion and stress in different parts of our body, stored as physical tension, and how releasing this stuck energy with Bowen movements may benefit our health on many levels.

This technique initiates the body’s innate intelligence to balance and heal itself. It is a series of gentle but firm rolling movements over specific areas of the body with the intention to balance the tension and hydration of our tissues.

Bowen communicates to the muscles, ligaments and tendons via the nervous system and fascial tissue easing physical pain and discomfort allowing us to feel less fatigued.

A treatment may also improve the way we deal with stress and anxiety, lift mood, help with hormonal balance and encourage better quality of sleep.

Bowen is usually performed through comfortable and soft clothing. There is no manipulation in this treatment.

Within my bowen practice I use NST (Neuro-structural Integration Technique) which I studied in 2009 and Bowtech technique studied in 2005.

A regular Bowen treatment can really support ongoing health and vitality. I love watching clients transform after a few regular Bowen sessions as they appear more relaxed and often free of their initial aches and pains.

If you have any questions about Bowen therapy please contact me on on 0414900289 or

Check out this video for a great explanation regarding Bowen therapy

services and prices


services and prices

Naturopathy in Person

Naturopathy in person initial 75min session $140.00
Naturopathy in person follow up 75min session $115.00


Naturopathy Online

Naturopathy Online initial 75 minute session $140.00

Naturopathy Online follow up 75 minute session with $115.00


Bowen Therapy (in clinic)

Bowen Therapy 75 minute session $95.00

Bowen Therapy for kids 60 minute session $75.00

Please be in touch if you can not see a day or time that works for you as I may be flexible outside of my general clinic hours. You are welcome to text or call me on 0414900289.

I also have different prices for children under 18, people using a concession and full time students, please just let me know.

Unfortunately, private health rebates are no longer available for Naturopathy or Bowen therapy.

Gift Vouchers available

Please contact Carolyn to organise a gift voucher for a family member or friend.

Gift vouchers can be emailed to you or the recipient or a hard copy can be collected from Preston or posted.

Gift vouchers are redeemable for naturopathic consultation (including personalised herbal remedies & bush flower essences) and Bowen therapy. You can choose the specific value you wish to give.



I have always been extremely passionate, and pretty nerdy, when it comes to all things health related. I am continually educating myself with webinars, podcasts and books on evidenced based health research. I also love to incorporate the simple old school remedies in my practice that have stood the test of time.

I graduated as a naturopath in 1999 and have been practicing since 2005. I was initially inspired as a kid by my very health conscious Mum. Then secondly, by my Dad who turned his life around after being diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer when I was 11. Suddenly our “healthy household” went to another level, as my family became very familiar with a Dad who meditated 4 times a day, gave up the wine and cheese to eat huge amounts of salad and veggies and gave our new juicer a run for its money. This became a way of life that imprinted on me for good.

Before practicing I enjoyed working in a few busy health stores in Adelaide and Melbourne. Before studying I worked in my parents country pharmacy.

I have always loved helping people with their present health issues, but most of all I love empowering people to understand and take action around their longterm health.

Clients often say they really appreciate the way I explain things simply so they can understand what’s going on with their body and how they can look after it ongoing.

Health is one of my highest values. It is not a destination but an ongoing practice which empowers us in many ways. Health is a blessing and something to look after.


Tests available

Specific tests may be suggested to gain a clearer picture of presenting symptoms to help tailor your individual treatment protocol. Testing may include food intolerance testing, hair tissue mineral analysis and general blood tests done through your medical health practitioner.

There are no obligations to have tests done, however sometimes I may suggest one as it can be useful in allowing us to discover what might be provoking your particular health issues.


Please be in touch if you have any queries regarding my services and remedies.



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