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How to have a more emotionally stable day

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Here are just a few simple and general tips you can begin to incorporate into your morning which can greatly help to support mental and emotional health on a daily basis. Of course there are many things that you can do but keeping it simple is the key to creating new and healthy life lasting habits. With anything it’s a practice and it takes persistence. Be patient with yourself and if you intuitively know you need to apply a bit of tough love to get these habits going DO IT – You’ve got your back!
Get up and get going at a regular time preferably before 8am (don’t lie in bed overthinking and getting stressed). We are cyclical beings – we operate best when we have a daily routine (just the same as little kids cope better when they have a set routine). Having a regular wake up & get out of bed time helps our body clock, hormonal balance and mental & emotional health. If you need to trick yourself into this new habit – make appointments early, commit to an earlier yoga/gym class to get you going.
Hydrate yourself – Start the day with 2 or 3 glasses of filtered water first thing to flush out toxins, encourage your bowels to move and give you energy to operate at your best. Have your water warm if you prefer and add lemon juice to aid absorption.
Do some exercise – even a 15-20 minute walk around the block – this will get you breathing deeply, reduce your cortisol, stimulate your metabolism and release endophins. If the weather’s not great get creative & exercise inside – Dance to some happy, cheesy tunes, find a yoga youtube channel or dust off the old cross trainer. Just get your heart rate up and move for 10 to 30 minutes.
Balance your mood and blood sugar by having a good breakfast within the first couple of hours of rising. When we wait longer than this to eat the body releases extra cortisol (one of our stress hormones) as it thinks you’re in starvation mode. Make sure this meal includes protein, good fats and healthy carbs such as eggs/ sardines/ tuna/ turkey/ chicken/ feta with a piece of organic Sourdough or a healthy Gluten free bread plus veggies like tomato, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms etc. Or enjoy a low sugar nut & seed based muesli mix with natural dairy or coconut yogurt, berries & cinnamon. If you are time poor make a dairy-free protein super food smoothie. Give yourself time to sit down, eat, chew properly and enjoy your breakky. I have clients come back and tell me all the time that they can’t believe how much better they feel when they have a proper breakfast in the morning.
And if you are prone to feeling anxious, irritable, jumpy or on edge BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND and avoid or greatly reduce your caffeine intake including coffee and regular tea – especially first thing on an empty stomach. This will give your nervous system, adrenal glands and blood sugar spiking (which triggers anxiety) a break. I know it can be a tough habit to break but the rewards are huge when you can experience a smooth and gentle day coping better with stress and feeling more calm, focused and grounded. Try it for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. Find some delicious caffeine alternatives that you enjoy and stick with it.

Love and Healing

Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs.


Three things you can do to support your ticker!

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You can start implementing these suggestions at any stage of your life and your body and heart will LOVE you for it! None of this information is rocket science but it includes good reminders for everyone whether you’re a kid or in your 90s or somewhere in between.

Cardiovascular and heart health is a big umbrella and relies upon many components. Our blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels (yep we need cholesterol – we use it to make other important hormones), triglycerides (fats in our blood), liver health, abdominal weight and our ability to regulate blood sugar are all pieces of the puzzle that need to be considered when it comes to a healthy heart.

More recent research has also shown that inflammation and issues with gut health are super important to address when it comes to looking after your cardiovascular system. These are all things that may be helped with naturopathic suggestions.
But here are the 3 things you can start right here and now…
1. Movement and exercise…..

Only until recently, (in the scheme of things), we have become such stagnant creatures, sitting on our bottoms a lot more than in the past.

But we are designed to move…

Exercise (especially first thing in the morning) helps us to burn unwanted fat and stimulates metabolism helping us be our ideal weight.

Exercise also helps us to balance our blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 Diabetes.

It is also essential for us to process stress hormones that we naturally release everyday as a result of busyness/ life/ work/ relationship stress etc.

If these hormones, adrenalin and cortisol, hang around they have the potential to increase inflammation, make us feel anxious and moody and upset our sleep quality.

Our modern lifestyle no longer involves us walking for miles on a daily basis (fortunately), so we really need to consciously incorporate regular exercise and movement into our week that is right for us.
2. Food Glorious Food….
Yep, you guessed it.. food plays a very important part of this equation because the fuel we put into our body will actually either help US TO HEAL OR cause more trouble, inflammation and disease!
Good fats are a great place to start including essential fats from small oily fish such as sardines, anchovies, grass fed meats, poultry & eggs (which are much higher in Omega 3), avocado & extra virgin olive oil.
A good variety of colourful veggies with ample greens can be enjoyed everyday fresh in salads, steamed or baked – add lemon & extra virgin olive oil to your veggies after cooking to make them even more tastier and help your body absorb and use their protective nutrients.
Fresh unsalted nuts especially walnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts and almonds have been shown to help regulate blood sugar, support healthy cholesterol levels, reduce hunger and reduce inflammation.
Enjoy other antioxidant foods such as organic berries, dark organic chocolate and even the occasional glass of dry red wine. Spice up your meals with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich herbs such as turmeric with pepper, ginger, garlic, onions, cinnamon, nutmeg & parsley.

Mmm Mmmmmm……These are all delicious healing foods.

Ok, let’s just get the stuff to keep to a minimum out of the way…..

DO YOUR TEMPLE A FAVOUR and avoid refined sugars & other carbie foods like pasta, noodles, bread, pastries, sweets and even potatoes which can lead to inflammation. Remember that inflammation is bad news for the whole cardiovascular system. Also avoiding processed deli meats, processed fats (like margarine), deep fried foods (hot chips and fried chicken) plus refined seed & vegetable oils is VERY HEART SMART!

3. Take a break…..

From the phone, TV, work, household chores and the things to do list!

Squeeze it in and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It could be just 10 minutes a day, one, two or three times. Do something purely FOR YOU!
This is not for luxury or laziness, this is to help your body REGAIN BALANCE & HEALTH. Stress is a huge component to heart health. The stress response releases adrenalin and cortisol – leading to more inflammation.
So what is it you LOVE TO DO? Something just for the joy and peace of it.

What literally HEALS YOUR HEART or makes your heart sing?
Perhaps it’s reading, colouring, singing, power napping, dancing, lying on the lawn, meditating, playing with the cat. It’s totally up to you. Create space for this gentle relax and chillax time in your day and know that if taking time out is a new thing for you, you may have to REMIND YOURSELF to make it happen until it becomes a new healthy habit.

Be the healthy YOU!

Carolyn x


Tradie Health Month

Working as a Tradie… as a Tradie can be demanding and stressful, even if it is something you’ve always wanted to do and it’s your dream job. It can be easy to get stuck in the same daily routines and habits that don’t always give you the best results health wise.

Three things that I’ve generally seen in my Naturopathic practice that can really effect people working within the trade industry include: firstly, struggling to maintain good energy levels and getting run down. Secondly, experiencing aches, pains and injuries and thirdly, sometimes dealing with work stress, pressures and tight time schedules.
If you’re feeling tired all the time, relying on coffee and energy drinks, it could be due to a few things.
It’s very important (and probably obvious) to ask yourself – “Are you well Hydrated?” Especially if your work is very physical, you are out in the heat and you perspire a lot. Our blood, bones, muscles and cartilage are all made up of water – they all need hydration to function well. Not enough water can lead to poor concentration, constipation, irritability, headaches and even blood pressure problems.
Make sure you are drinking water regularly throughout the day. When it comes to how much water everyone is different and there are variables to consider. However, a general rule of thumb is to consume 30ml of water per kilo of body weight and increasing that if you’re physically active, perspiring a lot and in the heat. It’s also important to mention that having too much water may also cause issues.
Listen to your body – feeling thirsty, having dry lips, mouth & eyes, dark urine or not urinating much (on average we urinate about 7 or 8 times a day) could be signs to increase your water intake. It’s a great idea to get yourself a couple of large reuseable water bottles (not plastic) and keep them fresh and filled up daily in the car or with you.
Hydration is not just about drinking water, it’s also about ensuring you are absorbing the water into your cells for energy production. This can be improved by using a good quality electrolyte every day, making sure you are eating enough fibre and reducing EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) exposure. More information about this topic can be found in this Dr Mercola link here.
EATING WELL can also dramatically effect energy levels, support good immunity and improve overall welbeing. It can be tricky when you’re always out and about and grabbing food from different places. It’s awesome if you can actually take meals, snacks and smoothies from home to avoid the roller coaster of deep fried takeaway and sugary drinks. If you are out, you can definitely make better choices by avoiding carb heavy foods such as bread, pastries, muffins and hot chips. Instead choose more sustaining things such as quality meats, salads, hearty soups, nuts & trail mixes, eggs, avocado, salmon, small amounts of fruit, cheese & quality protein balls/ bars etc
And last but not least get enough SLEEP – aim for 7 to 8 hours a night, allowing your body to restore and repair from the busy and probably strenuous day you’ve had.
If you experience musculo-skeletal issues find yourself a great body-worker such as an Osteopath, Remedial massage therapist, Acupuncturist or Bowen therapist. It is also a really good idea to have regular maintenance “Tune up” treatments when you have a physically demanding job. Discuss this with your practitioner.
It also must be said that you can have all the treatments in the world, but if you are still doing the same bad postural habits everyday, for example lifting things incorrectly, sitting slouched in your vehicle for hours, not looking after old injuries, you may always have recurring issues. Working on core strength and balance with a great Personal trainer, Pilates instructor or Yoga teacher can make a huge difference to your strength and your body awareness, hopefully preventing future injuries.
General muscle soreness & tension can also be helped by having regular baths, using homeopathic Arnica and a herbal anti-inflammatory cream such as fisiocream. Magnesium supplementation may also be supportive as this mineral acts as an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant. These products are available at Autumn Retreat, pharmacies & health stores.
As a tradie, work pressure can be a big thing. Whether it’s about meeting the demands of a client or boss, work inconsistency from contract work, having a huge workload that seems unmanageable and or providing for a family. Also not knowing when to stop or how to have work-life balance if you’re your own boss. Discussing these matters with a great practitioner such as a Psychologist or Counsellor may provide a huge support. Potentially providing you with some good ways to manage your daily or your larger stresses too.

Love and Healing

Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs.

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Where are you going this winter?

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Winter is coming! Eeek. It was here last week in full force with rain and hail and days that didn’t reach over 10 Degrees. People are booking holidays left, right and centre. Fleeing to tropical waters, to places where coconut shakes and fresh pineapple are the norm for breakky and where one can throw on one or two pieces of clothing and you are ready to go. As much as I like to embrace the variety of weather Melbourne has to offer, I am certainly dreaming about a little escapade too!

In the last week I’ve had a couple of friends ask me about what to take on their holiday adventures to stay well. They have been off to the travel doctor and want to compliment that with natural remedies. There are a couple of gems I would like to share with you.

As far as Bali belly goes, there are some amazing anti-parasitic herbs which may really take the punch off some cases of gastro and may even prevent it from occurring in the first place. These herbs have rescued me many times in many countries. My sister took them everyday on African Safari, over ten years ago, in which every one of the 20 people on her tour got sick with diarrhoea after sharing a communal meal, except her. Sounds far fetched I know, but true story. These herbs are also suitable for kids over the age of two.

Immune wise, we are pretty vulnerable when we travel with the excitement and anticipation of the lead up to a trip and then being encapsulated on a plane for up to 20 hours. Taking immune supporting herbs and good old vitamin C can really save your holiday. Of course taking these things prior, as a preventative, is the best and most effective way to do it. Remember herbal remedies are available in tablet and capsule form too, so you don’t need to worry about measuring cups or having extra liquids in your hand luggage.

There are many great natural remedies to help with other things which may pop up on holidays like:

  • Neem oil insect repellent to keep mozzies at bay
  • Tissue salts for blocked sinuses whilst flying
  • Australian bush flower essences for jet lag & resetting your body clock
  • Herbs to knock yourself out during a flight
  • Digestive remedies for sluggish bowels due to eating too many rich and delicious unfamiliar foods

Sometimes using one or two of these natural measures can make a holiday a lot more fun! Tummy aches and viruses can really take the edge off having a good time.

So if you’re going away and you’d like some tips regarding these things contact me so I can help you with your natural remedy packing. Always take into consideration your own personal health requirements and discuss with your health care practitioner before following general suggestions.

Happy holidays! Love and healing

Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs. 



Chew Food Dude!


I think people have forgotten why we have these pearly whites – are they really just something to flash when you’re in a good mood and having a laugh? They are for MASTICATION!! You heard me, mastication. The word that sounds a bit rude…… but it’s not! It is actually incredibly important.

Did you know that digestion begins in the mouth? Well actually, it gets stimulated prior to that as we smell, touch and prepare our food. This allows salivation to get going and also stimulates the release of our digestive juices such as stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes.

So…… why do we vitamise food for babies? Why do we vitamise food for the elderly? Generally, it’s because they both have no teeth to do it for them selves!

There are a couple of other reasons too like bubs have sensitive little developing digestive systems that do better with simple mushed up foods and as we age our digestive function can become way less efficient.

If we miss this vital step of chewing (AKA mastication) food thoroughly, the rest our digestive system is put under a lot of unnecessary pressure making it work harder than need be.

Think about this; there are no teeth further down the tract! The mouth is where mechanical break down occurs and the rest is chemical break down with acid, enzymes and bile plus a little bit of encouragement with peristalsis (the muscle contractions that keep food moving on its way through the digestive tract).

Food lower down that has not been digested properly can sit in the bowels fermenting making us feel bloated, uncomfortable and gassy! Yikes! That’s not good at work or on a first, second or third date.

And even more worrisome this undigested food can look quite foreign to the immune system and may trigger an inflammatory response potentially leading to food intolerances and other inflammatory conditions. Ohh No!

None of these are great outcomes!

And so here is your challenge for the week. Chew chew chew. Take your time when eating. Smell, touch and look at your food! Try and chew each mouthful at least 20 times. Chew your food into a paste before you send it on it’s merry way. Try and eat uninterrupted and without multitasking, be peaceful and relaxed. Don’t shove it in, chomp twice, swallow and run off to do the next thing and wonder why you feel a little sick in the tummy 20 minutes later.

I don’t care if you were one of 10 kids and learnt to eat like a speed demon at age of 2 just to survive. There aren’t exceptions to this rule. It’s really important to change your ways or at least try!

And if you are still feeling bloating, uncomfortable or sluggish in the guts after really trying a bit of thorough mastication there are some great natural remedies to improve & support good digestion that you can discuss with any good Naturopath including myself!
But until then Chew Food Dude!

Love and Healing

Carolyn x

Remember to always consult with a health care professional before taking herbs and supplements especially if you are unsure, taking medications, have an illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always take into consideration your individual lifestyle and food requirements before following general health advice. Contact Me to make an appointment to discuss your individual and specific health care needs.